Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Hot Hot Hot Summer !!

A Very hot summer in Austria, this is a record high temperature since 1983, with 39,8C this was measured under the schade!  But everyone enjoy such a sunny hot weather. Friends arranged quite a lot of gatherings, indoor or outdoor, in garden or by poolside. We enjoyed very much the good food and drinks, swimming and chatting and laughing. Our friends come from different part of the world, so that means: we are a "globalized group" - we enjoy our diversity on culture, food, languages, arts and so on... However, we appreciate and respect each other in harmony.

Beautiful garden have a lot to care and to do. But when you see it's colorful blossoms and flowers or even fruits, it is worth do keep it nice.

I love to photograph the sky and to paint them in different atmosphere. The clouds are so attractive. I first hort that the clouds have names , one of it from Waldviertel is called the Barok-Wolken (the Baroque-Clouds).

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