Sunday, September 23, 2012

Ausstellung (Exhibition) in November

Exhibition at Burg-Perchtoldsdorf, 10-11 Nov. 2012
10.11. - 11.11.2012: ART 23 Kunstmesse
Burg Perchtoldsdorf,  Hyrtlgasse 4, 2380 Perchtoldsdorf
Samstag, 10.11.2012 - 16 Uhr
Ausstellungseröffnung durch Bgm. Martin Schuster

Sonntag 11-14 Uhr: ART-Jazzbrunch
Es spielt für Sie Saxophon-Lady Daniela Kramer

Öffnungszeiten: Sa. 10-19, So. 9-17 Uhr

Unexpected happenings!

Human life is sooo fragile, full of unexpected happenings,dramatic, excitment, happiness, sadness.....
Hi, sorry not writing for awhile ! My partner has a deadly pneumonia and has been hospitalized for over 2 weeks.He is still fighting with the dieases but the fever is gone and hope he can return home soon.
During the past weeks, I was running every day to the hospital and bringing food, drinks and hopes to my partner.I lost the mood in painting !  We also cancelled the trip to Toscana, Florence etc.! Never mind, health is at first priority! I should prepare soon my next exhibition in November at Burg-Perchtoldsdorf.
Till then..

Friday, August 10, 2012

Macro_Micro Impression II

This is another painting in the series of "Our Universe" . I try to show how the galaxy is formed. The process is extremely amazing and unbelievable beautiful. Many colorful stars forced together and actually they are solely gases and dust ! For scientific terms that I have to go back to the NASA website. However, I prefer to spend more time in my painting rather than to study the Hi-Tech terms that I better leave them to the scientists. I hope I can get some opinions from other artists they are interested in painting the universe too. Happy Painting!

Monday, July 23, 2012

Macro_Micro Impression Paintings

Since 2010 I apply the Theme : "Macro_Micro Impression" in my paintings. I have painted some amazing galaxies of our Universe. Their attractive colors and ever-changing shapes, milkywaves and new born stars...all these fascinated me since in my youth. I also unveil some of the beautiful objects, or textures that one can only make visible under the microscrope. I will continue to explore this wonderful Universe paintings and hope our Earth will last after 23.December 2012 :-))

If you want to see more of my works in this Theme, please feel free to visit my Homepage: My webpage designer H.P Kres will update my new paintings after his summer and autumn vacations.

Friday, July 13, 2012

Comparison of 2 paintings

This is the finished Acrylic painting. When you compare this with the one I posted in June, you see the far background I added more trees and bushes. This is my first time to use Acrylic and try to express light and shadows. This need a bit observation in our actual life how light and shadow fall on objects. I shall try some more of such paintings in future.
Due to hot weather in Vienna, my painting proceeds slowly. But as you know painting shouldn't like a kind of manufacture-"Mass Production", it needs spontaneity and creativity. When I start a new canvas, I often sit down and think how to compose it, what color theme etc. Most important of all ...have fun when you paint. Happy Painting !

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Extremely HHH Summer in Vienna

Hi everyone, this is one of the most HHH (Hot, Humid and High flooding in some parts of Steiermark and OÖ) summers in Austria.
I was staying by the lakeside last 2 weeks, there my friend has a summer house.Temperatures normally lower few degrees as the water cooling the heat down. The lake is surrounded by trees.
Today I'm going to pack my painting materials and will spend the weekend there to paint and to swim. I look forward to show you more of my Acrylic paintings. The left one is one of the moonlight Sonata series that I've just begun learn to use acrylic paint. Hope you like it.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012



Start Acrylic Paintings...2012

I have just started to use another media to paint. After painting Chinese Ink and watercolors, I wonder how the techniques are when using Acrylic or oil.  Well, one must be bold  to try out. As I said before, painting brings challenges!  To my surprise, it is not so difficult when I try the first 4 paintings, by using the similar color hue - this time I use blue. Apart from the painting on the left, I painted also the sky, moonlight sonata and one winter landscape. The image I show here is 80% finish. I'll add some more details at the far background of the small bushes. I couldn't wait to publish this before I use my camera to shoot the other pictures. Please wait and see my next blog. You are welcome to give me comments. Ginni

Saturday, June 23, 2012

My Painting Experience

Welcome to my blog ! My name is Ginni or Ginny.

I've started watercolors since 2009. First I took it as a hobby. But now I can say I am a freelance watercolorist. I urge myself everyday- run and get onto that express train to that wonderful Art World !!  I join the Art Club ( which helps me to exhibite my paintings, and get in contact with more other artists. My 5th Exhibition will be in November 2012 at the Castle called - Burg Perchtoldsdorf.Last year at Burg Perchtoldsdorf, I acquainted some curators and I was so lucky to have the chance to join with other 20 artists for the International Women's Day Theme Exhibition at the WTÖ (The General Chamber of Commerce in Austria) of Moedling.
Here I would like to share my painting experience with you. There include : excitment, satisfaction, frustrating, discouraging, compliments, positive spiritual support, critiques, learning, practicing and practicing....My most constructive action is- to make the impossible dream comes true ! When others took 15 or 20 years in learning painting, I intend to make it within 5 years ! Are there secrets in painting ? I hope I can tell you in future :-)

 Two Abstract paintings,
 can be hanged
 together or seperately.

Watercolor on paper.
 Size: each 50cm x 70cm