Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Start Acrylic Paintings...2012

I have just started to use another media to paint. After painting Chinese Ink and watercolors, I wonder how the techniques are when using Acrylic or oil.  Well, one must be bold  to try out. As I said before, painting brings challenges!  To my surprise, it is not so difficult when I try the first 4 paintings, by using the similar color hue - this time I use blue. Apart from the painting on the left, I painted also the sky, moonlight sonata and one winter landscape. The image I show here is 80% finish. I'll add some more details at the far background of the small bushes. I couldn't wait to publish this before I use my camera to shoot the other pictures. Please wait and see my next blog. You are welcome to give me comments. Ginni

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